equinoxDear Friends,

I hope this finds you well and you had a restful and relaxing summer. My hope for the Summer was to take time for myself and slow down a bit. Fortunately, that intention unfolded and I was able to incorporate much of what I love to do over the past months; travel, paint, yoga, hike and just sit on my front porch.

When I travel, I love to observe people, cultures and lifestyles and find something that will enhance my life in some way. I was in Italy this summer and observed how people take their time. They linger over dinner and over their afternoon espresso. The shops and restaurants are all closed mid- day for a couple of hours so people can rest. I decided this was an important quality to integrate into my life and encourage you to weave in a part of your life as well. Everyone I know would benefit from creating more space for themselves and some time to do nothing.

The Autumn Equinox arrives on Monday, September 23 and heralds the balance between the light of day and the dark of night. I love to use signals from nature as a way to remind myself to focus my thoughts and behaviors on what I would like to create in the coming season. Sometimes, I simply choose a word or phrase I want to call forth and focus on how its qualities can affect my life. In the past, I have used gratitude and resilience. My phrase for this Fall is Do Nothing. This does not mean I will not be working hard and participating fully in what life offers. It does mean that I will be looking for the spaces in between the busy moments to pause, breathe and do nothing.

Creating an intention at an auspicious time such as the Autumn Equinox intensifies the likelihood it can be attained. What quality would you like to invoke this season?

In joy,karon

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