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the practiceThe Practice

What to Expect from a class with Karon

CENTERING at the beginning of each class to connect the practice to the higher purpose and to the Divine.

CULTIVATING certain virtues: from basic awareness, to specific virtues of studentship, forgiveness, compassion, right effort, steadfastness, groundedness (all – heart qualities).

CONNECTING every movement to the breath, understanding that the breath is a form of Divine Spirit.

UTILIZING alignment to provide a safe sequencing of asanas (postures) with a specific methodology in biomechanics and alignment.

CENTERING again at the end to recognize the Divine – in the practice and in ourselves.

practiceWhen we set the intention to practice yoga, we peel away layers of armor that shield us from true connection. Think of the way we remove our shoes and socks before we begin our practice- a small metaphorical reminder of the many ways in which yoga encourages us to strip down to that which is essential. Karon invites you to join her in this practice of intentionally shedding that which prevents us from revealing our true authentic nature.

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