karon shoversKaron Shovers

In a hurried world, where many of us have forgotten to breathe deeply and connect to our very own life force, yoga invites us to remember. It calls to us, whether we move with agile grace or slow humility, to begin just where we are at. By uniting breath with movement, we create a bridge between the mystical and mundane – which, if we are curious enough to cross, can lead us to a state of sweet remembrance.

For Karon Shovers, the invitation to embrace a yogic path appeared in an artful disguise. At the age of 23, she suffered from a stroke, which put a strain on both her physical and emotional well-being. Seeking a space to strengthen her body and sift through her emotions, she turned to yoga. It was there, in that humble place, that she was able to shift her perspective and cultivate a deeper sense of compassion for herself and for others. In addition, she developed a strong passion for working with those dealing with debilitating diseases, physical limitations, and injuries. Over the last 20 years, she has expanded upon this practice by studying with a wide range of well-respected yoga masters and teachers, going on herself to teach over 2,500 hours of classes and workshops.

Blessed with a yogic sensibility, Karon understands that in order to achieve true balance, we must not cling too tightly to rigid ways of being or let our wild energy run so rampant that we deplete ourselves. She believes in the power of yoga to hold a safe structured space that inspires us to embrace our expressive natures. As both a student and teacher, she encourages herself and others to seek balance both in and out of the classroom. She works to remind us that our practice does not end the moment we roll up our mat. Rather, it should flow into our daily rhythms, infusing our everyday activities with lessons of grace, mystery, and awe.

karonWith deep awareness and artistry, Karon is able to create a unique learning environment for her students to explore yoga. Having a deep knowledge of human anatomy, she understands that proper alignment is essential to move responsibly in and out of poses. She recognizes that by showing our bodies this kind of respect, we create a solid structure to begin our practice. With gentleness and compassion, Karon guides her students to tune into their higher selves and bear witness to the divine within.

When we set the intention to practice yoga, we peel away layers of armor that shield us from true connection. Think of the way we remove our shoes and socks before we begin our practice- a small metaphorical reminder of the many ways in which yoga encourages us to strip down to that which is essential. Karon invites you to join her in this practice of intentionally shedding that which prevents us from revealing our true authentic nature.

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