Lately, I have noticed friends and students (I can also include myself) have a need to take refuge. It’s communicated to me in many ways and has several qualities. I hear things such as, “I am so busy, I am overwhelmed, I can’t wait for this week to be over, I need to be on all the time, or I have not had a chance to practice my meditation this week, I barely can take a deep breath!”.

The challenges of modern life prohibits taking the time to do things slowly or to take time throughout the day to be offline or retreat for just 20 minutes.

This makes me wonder:

Is it actually harder to find time to take refuge today or is it just our perception?
I think if we spent 15 minutes less a day on Social Media we could use that time for resting.

Is taking refuge running away and what does it mean to you to take refuge?

Taking a break or retreating into meditation or relaxation is not running away. It’s a chance to recharge. Here is some evidence that slowing down and taking time for conscious relaxation can help our brains.

How can we find our own special refuge in our lives right now and be able to return to it every day?

Finding your own way to take refuge is very personal. It can be anything from meditation to taking a painting class or a 20 minute catnap. Discovering your own retreat is half the fun!

I often will grab a pillow and a blanket and place my legs in Viparita Karani ( in a sunny, warm area of my house. I set a 15 minute timer to make sure I don’t fall asleep. Sometimes I light a candle and take a hot bath.

Another way to take refuge is through Restorative Yoga and Conscious Relaxation. I teach monthly Friday night Restorative Yoga classes which encourage you to move slowly and rest ( I also provide students with the tools to integrate some relaxation every day. Ten minutes a day can change your outlook.

The time is now. Start with 20 minutes a week and build up from there.

The trouble is, you think you have time – Buddha

With ease,



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