momToday is my mother’s 86th birthday. This year, her birthday is bittersweet for me. My mom has Alzheimer’s and for the first time last February, she did not recognize me right away when I visited her in California. She is in amazing physical health, however, her cognitive functioning deteriorating.

As I confront this reality, I have been asking myself what it means to be a mother. There are so many discussions about the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth and Nature. When I looked up the meaning of Mother, Oxford defines it as a state of being. This makes the most sense to me since one can mother a dog, a human friend or a plant.

To celebrate my Mom and all moms, I want to honor her by revealing all the ways she has inspired me. And how she has influenced me as a mother to all beings around me.

My mother was a feminist and had a well-paying career and owned a Duplex in Los Angeles prior to meeting my father quite late in life. She gave birth to me in her mid-30’s, which was very unusual in 1965. She spoke three languages and lived in four countries before she turned 30. She traveled the world at a time when women did not travel alone. She came to the United States by herself and eventually sponsored her entire family to also immigrate to the U.S. She was a badminton champion in her youth and I recall her doing handstands and cartwheels on the beach in her 40’s . To this day, my mom has maintained an impressive level of fitness. She was an amazing cook and loves to sing. When she was young, she wanted to become a singer and pursue a musical career. She always advised me to have my own money and my own career.

It’s strange for me to look back at her life and remember her in all her fullness and power as our roles have changed over time. When I speak to her now she is often emotional and confused why I am so far away. I calmly reassure her that I will be by her side soon and everything will be ok. And as I let go of mothering my son, I now am a mother to my mother. Life is strange, isn’t it?

Happy Mother’s Day!



Monthly Mellow: Restorative Yoga Set to Candlelight with Hand Reflexology
With Karon Shovers and Jan Jeremias

Friday May 17 6:30-8:00 PM
$22 or a class from your card plus $7 for reflexology treatment.  Reservations required.

Join Karon and guest teacher Jan Jeremias for a special treat: restorative yoga by candlelight combined with hand reflexology. This class seeks to calm and energize organs and muscles and heal the effects of chronic stress; leaving you with a sense of well being and balance. As you relax in restorative poses, your body supported by bolsters and blankets, Jan will give each person a hand massage/reflexology treatment with essential oils. Each pose will be held to encourage a safe, deep opening and a soothing release by candlelight. Please bring a yoga mat and if you have one, an eye pillow for deeper relaxation. Space is limited.

Reserve your spot by texting Karon on 917-816-2658 or email: [email protected]